Photo: EGRMC

Physical Therapy Assistant Jennifer Roberson has been named Employee of the Month at East Georgia Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation.

EGRMC made the announcement Monday.

Jennifer has been employed at EGRMC since 2014. The hospital said in a press release that she plays a valuable role within the Rehab department.

“Jennifer demonstrates excellent patient care when working with all of her patients,” said Kim Livingston, DPT, Director of East Georgia Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation. “Patients have said ‘she makes me feel like family’. Jennifer is always challenging herself to do better and do more, has a thirst for knowledge, and demonstrates this in her ability to problem-solve and organize. She has assisted with innovations of how discharges are processed, as well as setting up the new scheduling system for outpatient therapy. Overall, Jennifer is an outstanding therapist who is innovative and caring.”

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