For the 11th consecutive year, Georgia Southern University has received a grant through the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to participate in the Georgia Young Adult Program. The program helps educate students about the dangers of alcohol abuse, underage drinking and impaired driving.

The grant, awarded in the amount of $8,777, allows the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs Programs to promote initiatives such as the “Safe Rides Save Lives” campaign, which discourages driving while under the influence of alcohol. The office coordinates impaired driving prevention programs, which include Fatal Vision Goggles and DUI simulators.

“The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety grant is a vital resource for the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs Programs at the institution,” said Michele Martin, director of the University Wellness Program and Alcohol and Other Drugs Programs at Georgia Southern. “We are looking forward to some great opportunities for students with the continued and increased funding from prior years. This grant is critical to enhancing prevention programs focused on healthy behaviors relating to substance abuse.”

The Georgia Young Adult Program is designed to promote education and awareness about highway safety issues and other high-risk behaviors in order to decrease young adult motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety coordinates with colleges and universities throughout Georgia to implement the program, which has been successful in using strategies including peer education, providing educational speakers to schools and encouraging schools to develop creative, innovative techniques to prevent impaired driving among young adults.

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