The Public Service Authority has changed leadership since the PSA Board discovered financial mismanagement in the spring.

The Kingsland City Council unanimously voted last Monday (Oct. 22) to approve their portion to fund the PSA as the new director submitted a $3.19 million budget last month.

For the new fiscal year, which started in October, The PSA is asking the county and the three cities for $1,638,294.

Kingsland voted to pay an 8.6 percent increase from the previous year.  Kingsland will pay a new monthly payment to the PSA of $41,026.68 – last year the city paid the PSA $39,548. This latest increase retroactively funds back to 7/1/18 to fund the difference based on the new increased budget amount. The new increase is related to salary adjustments, a new program manager position, an increase in staffing services, and pool heating costs.

Kingsland used a tax digest model, which is in the 2004 agreement to fund the PSA, instead of the population funding model. The population model has been used consistently under the former executive director William Brunson. The population funding model has been in question since the discovery of the financial management of the PSA.

In the recent past, the three cities and the county have used a population formula to fund the PSA, but that has only funded 85 percent of the expenditures for last fifteen years – which left a significant shortfall hence the reason for the $700,000 collective bailout of the PSA for the 2018 budget year.

The City of St. Marys is to take up their portion of the PSA funding. City Manager John Holman told AllOnGeorgia-Camden he and the finance director are reviewing St. Marys’ proposed monthly payment at this time for the next council meeting on Nov. 5.

AllOnGeorgia-Camden asked the Kingsland finance director and the St. Marys City Manager when the cities will be meeting to review a new intergovernmental agreement concerning the future of the funding model, that answer has yet to be determined.

The Public Service Authority is expected to have a public meeting in November where the discussion of a new agreement is likely to occur.

The related article below discusses new changes, the adoption of the new budget, and concerns about the PSA moving forward.

Interview: New PSA director; presents new budget & future changes




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