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LIGON: Week 3 Under the Gold Dome

"Despite our day off on Tuesday in anticipation of inclement weather, we had a productive week of committee meetings here at the Capitol. I introduced two bills this week: Senate Bill 37 and Senate Bill 38. These bills provide clarity for certain legal processes by addressing procedure and unnecessary red tape."

COLUMN: The Radical Democrats

OPINION: "President Trump has agreed to a three week period to open the government and pay the workers that were on furlough. The story is not over. If the Democrats do not bargain in good faith the President must declare a National Emergency and build the partition with other funds if he expects to be reelected in 2020."

Hill: Joint Budget Hearings Follow Ceremonial Week

Senator Jack Hill on the state's joint budget hearings and Kemp's proposal.

COLUMN: Lincoln, Faith, and the Reproductive Health Act

OPINION: "As a nation, as a Church, as individuals, are we conducting ourselves in the right relationship with God? How about the unborn? Do we regard the sanctity of life? God does!"

Kemp on Budget Proposal: “It’s a great time to be a Georgian”

"It is a great time to be a Georgian, but we will not rest on our laurels or grow complacent. We have an opportunity to reach new heights where all Georgians – regardless of zip code – can realize their full potential."

COLUMN: The Unnoticed Insurance Crisis in My Rural County

What do you do when the private health insurance companies no longer serve your county?

COLUMN: Why Allow A Candidate To Spend More Money To Get A Job Than...

"We need to have independent citizens serving in our state government. They should not be elected to serve a corporation or a social organization. The only voters in our elections are the citizens of the state. The election should be totally the results of the actions of the citizens. Corporations do not vote. Organizations do not vote."

Watchdog says Georgia Voting Machine Commission Recommended “Unsafe Voting Systems”

The following is an opinion-based press released from Garland Favorito of the group Voter GA. It reflects the views of only the author and...

COLUMN: Who Ruins Police Departments?

The following article is an opinion piece and reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. I recently released a 20-part...

Column: Acting AG picks up where Sessions left off, Meet the new boss

Column - Acting AG picks up where Sessions left off, Meet the new boss