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Judge may decide if Georgia should switch to paper ballots before November

A federal judge examines if Georgia should have to switch from electronic voting machines to paper ballots before the November elections.

Inmate dies after police used a taser and pepper spray, GBI investigates

An inmate dies after the use of force by police officers in a Georgia jail. 

Georgia teen saves co-workers stabbed at work, receives praise from local police

A Georgia teen helps save the lives of is co-workers.

Poll: Could Georgia swing voters be problematic for state GOP candidates?

Georgia GOP House members were given talking points from a poll on what to say to swing voters before November's election.

Georgia man charged with death of 2-month-old baby

An arrest was made for the death of a 2-month-old baby girl in southern Georgia. 

GDOT opens 30 miles of reversible express lanes on I-75 to ease traffic congestion

Georgia DOT, state officials— including Gov. Nathan Deal—and project partners celebrated the completion and opening of the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

GA Democratic congressional candidate, and nudist retreat operator, said he will campaign in jail

Democratic congressional candidate, and nudist retreat owner, said he will continue to campaign from jail.

Air Evac Lifeteam Responds to Request for EMS Deployment in Anticipation of Florence

In anticipation of Hurricane Florence, Air Evac Lifeteam crew members from 7 states, including Georgia, have been deployed to assigned areas to provide needed assistance.

Gov Deal Declares State of Emergency for All 159 Counties in Georgia

As the path of Hurricane Florence remains uncertain, Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency Wednesday afternoon for all 159 counties in Georgia.