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Kemp gets NRA endorsement, Abrams touts race will be about leadership

Endorsements come and rhetoric increases about leadership the as governor's race gets closer.

WATCH: Senator Perdue: Congress Funding Process Is Broken, Votes ‘No’ on Spending Bill

Perdue - We can do better for the American people, and they demand it.”

STACEY Abrams releases new ad in Spanish -‘MI FAMILIA’ – showcasing teacher

Democratic candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams has released a new video ad and this one's in Spanish. The ad showcases Claudia, a Georgia teacher, mother,...

Debate rundown: Abrams, Kemp, and Metz face off in Georgia gubernatorial debate

Candidates for Georgia Governor face off in a televised debate.

WATCH: Georgia Democrats Release Third Kemp Ad, Harp on ‘Handling’ of Massage Licenses

The Democratic Party of Georgia has released another ad targeting Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp.

WATCH: Governor Deal Throws Support Behind Kemp in Latest Ad

Georgia's top leader for the last eight years is throwing his support behind Republican candidate for Governor Brian Kemp in hopes that Kemp will...

Voter registration ends Tuesday to vote in May 22 Primary

If you want to vote in Georgia's primary elections on May 22nd, be sure you are registered to vote by  Tuesday, April 24th. Citizens of...

Rep. Steven Sainz Receives Committee Assignments

Rep. Steven Sainz Sworn in, Receives Committee Assignments for the 2019-2020 Legislative Term State Representative Steven Sainz (R-Woodbine) was sworn into office as a member...

Georgia Congressman’s opioid regulation bill signed by President Trump

Georgia Congressman's SUPPORT Act signed into law by President Trump, the bill looks combat opioid crisis.

With 65 Counties Left to Certify, Kemp Maintains +58,875 Lead

The Kemp for Governor campaign says that 65 counties in the state have yet to certify their ballots but Republican Brian Kemp still has...