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Georgia Asks 6 Companies to Consider Helping with Medicaid Waiver Process

“By leveraging the private sector to develop waivers, Georgia will lead the way in healthcare innovation – focusing on lowering costs, improving access, protecting those with preexisting conditions, and increasing quality of care in every region of our state," Kemp said.

Kemp Signs Bill to Allow Community Banks to Accept Local Government Funds

"SB 157 allows community banks to accept local government's funds and allow  these banks in turn to reinvest and loan monies back into their own communities and spur economic activity. "

Isakson Meets with 2 Merrill’s Marauders About Congressional Gold Medal

Merrill’s Marauders, officially known as the 5307th Composite Unit, are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the unit’s mission, where they fought Japanese forces deep in the mountains and forests of Burma during World War II to secure victory for the United States in Southeast Asia.

School Board Member Lies Under Oath About AllOnGeorgia

During proceedings for the recall petition hearing for Chattanooga County Board of Education Chairman John Agnew, another board member testifying under oath on his behalf appeared to offer false testimony on a series of events related to the recall.

Abrams: Conceding elections condones “systems used to oppress us”

The statements come on the heels of her March comments reported by Adam Kelsey in which Abrams said "I did win my election. I just didn't get to have the job."

Kemp Appoints David Curry State Revenue Commissioner

At the Department of Revenue, Curry will succeed Lynne Riley, who was recently appointed by Kemp to serve as State Treasurer.

Fmr Congressman John Barrow Announces Candidacy for Georgia Supreme Court

A familiar face to many in Georgia has announced he will be seeking a seat on the state's highest court.

History-Making Justice on GA Supreme Court Will Soon Step Down

Justice Robert Benham will not seek another term on Georgia's highest court.

Ga Ethics Commission Votes to Increase Political Donation Limits

The Georgia Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, formerly known as the Georgia Ethics Commission, voted last week to increase the allowable donations for individuals and organizations during election cycles.

McAleenan: Nonpartisan Committee Report Recommendations Essential to Securing Our Border, Safety and Welfare of...

"The unprecedented surge in unaccompanied children and family unit migration is overwhelming our ability to provide humanitarian aid within our immigration system. The reasonable changes proposed by this nonpartisan panel, could dramatically reduce migration of family units from Central America, help eliminate dangerous and illegal border crossings, as well as improve the care of children who are brought on this harrowing journey."