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U.S. Postal Service Issuing 1969: First Moon Landing Forever Stamps

News of the stamp is being shared with the hashtags #MoonLandingStamps or #AstronautStamps.

Border Patrol Agents Apprehend Largest Group Ever Encountered

Agents took custody of 1,036 people after they illegally crossed the border in El Paso, Texas

ICE Homeland Security Investigations warns consumers about counterfeit sports merchandise, tickets during NBA finals

Fake jerseys, ball caps, t-shirts, jackets and other souvenirs are among the counterfeit merchandise and clothing typically sold during these events.

Federal Indictment Adds 10th Defendant and Expands Charges Against 9 Others in International “Romance...

One of the alleged schemes involved “romance scams,” in which a defendant builds trust with a victim through a purported online romance before convincing the victim to send money to a predetermined recipient.

Travelers leave behind $960,105 in unclaimed money at TSA checkpoints in FY2018

It's almost $100,000 more than what was left behind last year.

TSA screens nearly 2.8M travelers before Memorial Day holiday

The agency screened more than 1.5 million checked bags on that day as well.

Shelley House Designated into the African American Civil Rights Network

The Shelley House became the subject of the landmark 1948 United States Supreme Court’s unanimous decision, Shelley v. Kraemer, which is one of the defining moments in the civil rights movement and U.S. Constitutional law. It joins 5 other sites in the network.

Phone Provider Found Guilty for Role in $11 Million International Telemarketing Scheme

An Ohio man was found guilty on Tuesday for his role in an $7 million telemarketing scheme that defrauded primarily elderly victims in the United States from call centers in Costa Rica.

Iconic Show’s 50th Anniversary Celebrated by the U.S. Postal Service

The first day of issue event for the Sesame Street Forever stamps will be held immediately preceding one festival stop on the Sesame Street Road Trip, a celebration of the show’s golden anniversary that will be held in 10 cities across the United States.

New Forever Stamps Feature the Beauty of Unspoiled Waterways

When President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act into law in 1968, he noted unspoiled rivers were very rare and took action against the fear that “all rivers will go this way unless somebody acts now to try to balance our river development.” Since then, the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System has grown to include more than 200 river segments — about 13,000 miles of approximately 3 million U.S. river miles spread across 41 states and Puerto Rico.