As of today, we are at 91.3% for collections on 2018 property taxes.  Notices should be reaching mailboxes this week for those who haven’t yet paid their 2018 tax bills.  Most property owners generally come in as soon as they receive one of these notices, as the letter states that a tax fi fa can be issued against the property if payment is not received.  I generally issue fi fas the first week in April of each year to allow people who pay with their tax refunds ample time.  I sent the notices out a couple of weeks earlier this year also to allow extra time to pay before any liens are recorded.
Also, properties with outstanding bills for 2017 and earlier have by now received 4-6 notices and are subject to one of this year’s tax sales.  Sales are currently scheduled for March, April, June, August, and September, with the possibility of adding more as the year progresses.
Payment plans are an option to help those who are struggling to pay all at once, and anyone wishing to sign up for a payment plan should do so immediately to avoid additional fees.
Thank you for allowing me to serve as your tax commissioner.
Joy Hampton
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