Data from the Storm Prediction Center and the National Weather Service continues to show that a severe weather, and possible tornado outbreak is possible. The SPC has upgraded a portion of NW Georgia to a MODERATE threat. This is higher than yesterday’s ENHANCED. Moderate threat is the 2nd highest on the scale. This shows that confidence of a very active severe weather day is imminent.
The timing remains the same. Storms will be possible from 4 PM to possibly midnight.
The threats are the same, but have increased.
The SPC has given us a 30% chance to see damaging hail, a 15% chance for damaging winds, and a rather significant 15% chance to see tornadoes, with the chance that they could be strong and long-lived. The Weather Channel has our area on the border of the 6/7 tornado condition index with the scale ending at 10.
Make sure you and your family knows the severe weather plan, in case a warning is issued for the area. Have a reliable way to receive warnings this afternoon. Everyone stay safe!
By: Jarret VanGurp
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