Trion High School has continued a tradition of recognizing their seniors who score at least 70% or higher on the ACT or SAT, with a plaque in the hallway, and they will also be recognized at Honors Night. Trion hopes that this will not only encourage the seniors but also motivate the underclassmen.

The seniors who made it on the plaque for their outstanding ACT scores, are Sydney Day, Abigail Decker, Colton Duncan, Laurie Gentry, Tanner Lemming, Cole Luallen, Brody Malone, Emily Moore, Josh Smith, TJ Collette, Will Duncan, Jackson Walters, and Andrew Soule.

The seniors who made it on the plaque for their outstanding SAT scores are Brody Malone, Emily Moore, Shawn Parham, Madison Rabun, Lorin Walraven, Will Duncan, Andrew Soule, and Sydney Stallings.

To do well on these college entry tests, you have to study, and these students did just that. A few of the seniors were asked how much they studied, and if it was at all stressful or nerve-racking taking it.

Laurie Gentry said, “I was super nervous for sure, and I didn’t study as much as I should have. I definitely could have done better, but I’m really happy with the scores I’ve received.”

Brody Malone said, “I would say everyone should take both tests, and I should have studied more for them both. I took the ACT three times and the SAT once. I got nervous for sure because these are the tests that determine where you go and what you’ll do the rest of your life.”

Emily Moore said, “I took the ACT six times, and the SAT twice, and I studied as much as I could for both. I took them so many times, I stopped getting nervous, but in the beginning, I definitely got nervous. Don’t underestimate how important these tests are, I would say everyone should take them both.”

Many of the students on that list are involved in The Move on When Ready Program and already go to college as high school students. With Trion having such remarkable students representing the school, a plaque of recognition for their hard work was long overdue.

By: Natalie Peterson

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