Jeff Bennett Chattooga County High School coach receives 2017 FCA Coaching Legacy Award for “giving so much to so many for so long”! He is finishing his 40th year between the Chattooga and Trion school systems teaching and coaching baseball, football and softball. In the classroom and on the field Coach Bennett exemplifies the four core values of FCA – integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence. As a head coach he has amassed 315 baseball wins and 285 softball wins. Daughter Beth said, “dad never cancelled practice. There were days he made us use dixie cups to scoop water from the base paths.” Wife Kathy, spoke, “Things such as scooping water with cups instilled high expectations and standards in the kids he coached and taught. No wonder we can’t go anywhere without former students stopping him to say thank you.” For years Coach Bennett has utilized the platform of FCA to influence his athletes to play for an audience of one. When asked how much longer he planned to coach he stated, “My granddaughter Emma is coming up to my high school team and I want to at least share in her four years.”



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