Kobe Thomas, a star basketball player at Pepperell High School and most recently at Model High School, sustained a traumatic brain injury and died after being hit by a car.

Allegedly, Thomas was hanging out with friends when the group decided to play a dangerous game, called “jump the car.” Jump the car is a game where a person is driving towards the “player” of the game and the player has to time it just right and jump all the way over the car. Floyd County Sheriff Tim Burkhalter said the accident was simply “… tragic.”

Before the Chattooga Middle School football game at Pepperell High School yesterday, the Pepperell Middle School faculty and students honored Kobe Thomas. The announcer read a tribute to Thomas recapping his sports achievements at Pepperell and the crowd observed a moment of silence.

Pepperell basketball players are planning to retire Thomas’ jersey number.

Police have not said how fast the car was going or if any charges will be filed against the driver of the car.


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