The Floyd County Board Of Elections is test printing election ballots in house at the department’s location in the Floyd County Administration building in downtown Rome, Georgia. The department will be able to test the new system leading to Election Day on November 7, 2017. The new system allows BOE staff to print ballots on demand (BOD) instead of ordering them from out of state and having thousands of wasted ballots. According to ES&S, the new system’s vendor, BOD allows “The ability to print and audit accurate, highly legible ballots in the right quantities is essential for your successful elections.” Floyd County’s Supervisor of Elections and Registration Willie Green noted that “the BOE approached county management with a proposal for the BOD in 2016 and it was budgeted as a capital expenditure for 20167 with the help of county managers Jamie McCord and Gary Burkhalter.” The BOE required that Green test the BOD equipment before statewide elections in 2018. BOD is currently being used in Whitefield County. The introduction of the BOD into the voting system will allow staff members to be efficient and effective in counting and mailing absentee ballots. Of particular interest to Green was the BOD’s ability to utilize existing voter processes and systems within Georgia during the production electoral process within the county. Early voting for November elections will begin October 16, 2017 with the last day to register being October 10, 2017.
For more information, please contact Willie Green at 706-291-5167.

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