Qualifying for the seven open City School Board Seats and three City Commission Seats for Ward 2, ended at 4:30 p.m., Friday August 25, 2017.  In the City Commission Ward 2 Race, the following have qualified:

  • Mayor Jamie Doss (Incumbent)
  • Wendy Davis (Incumbent)
  • Sue Lee (Incumbent)
  • Randy Quick
  • Monica Sheppard

Of the 6 names, currently on the Rome City Commission’s candidates list, the top three to receive the most votes will serve on the city commission for the next four years.
Qualifying of the 7 seats available for the City School Board, which is voted on by plurality, several have qualified.   Current members of the City School Board are all up for reelection with a few new names as well.

  • Elaiana Beeman (Incumbent)
  • Will Byington (Incumbent)
  • Faith Collins (Incumbent)
  • Richard Dixon (Incumbent)
  • Cheryl Huffman (Incumbent)
  • Bruce Jones (Incumbent) – Intent to retire
  • Dale Swann (Incumbent)
  • David  Ehrler
  • Jill Fisher
  • Alvin Jackson
  • Ron Roach
  • Eric McDowell
  • J.J. Seifert
  • John Uldrick
  •  Jim O’Hara
  • Valerie Howard

The citywide election is set for November 7, 2017.  If we have inadvertently left any names off of the candidates list, please contact us at floyd@allongeorgia.com  If any candidates would like their press releases published on All On Georgia-Floyd, please feel free to email us at floyd@allongeorgia.com.  Also on the ballot will be the 2017 SPLOST as well as a continuation of the E-SPLOST.  All On Georgia will be doing follow-up stories regarding all of the candidates as well as projects for both the 2017 SPLOST and E-SPLOST

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