For anyone losing a wallet, it can be a costly headache in terms of money, privacy and the hassle of cancelling credit cards and replacing identification and other documents. The moment you realize such a loss has happened, it can cause severe anxiety and panic and recently that situation fell upon the shoulders of an employee from Mohawk.

Mohawk Industries in Summerville employees hundreds of local men and women. They also have dozens of contractors from outside of the Chattooga area passing through their facility at the Summerville Industrial Park. Fortunately for the man who suffered the loss, it was Neil Ratcliffe who made the discovery.

Neil Ratcliffe found the wallet at Mohawk and never questioned himself about what to do with it. Without hesitation, and although the wallet contained $5,000 cash, Ratcliffe notified his supervisor who was able to identify the owner of the wallet and return the wallet.

“My dad and mom raised me to do right by others and I put the shoe on the other foot. I wouldn’t want anyone to take off with all the money I had to work hard for.” The contractor who the wallet belonged to offered to give Ratcliffe $300, but Ratcliffe didn’t feel the need to take it, “you shouldn’t have to be paid to do what is right.”

It was a happy ending to a potentially tragic story thanks to the kindness and character of Mr. Ratcliffe.

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