The Armuchee McDonald’s recently went through ownership and management transitions. With Carla Hammons as the new General Manager of the restaurant and Jim Aaron as the new owner, they have their goals for the Golden Arches becoming the heartbeat of the community. Hammons recently contacted Armuchee High School’s art teacher, Ms. Prince, and invited her to bring her students out to share some of their favorite art work on the windows. The results have been tremendous and the community has been flocking to the restaurant to enjoy the talent of these high school student.  “These kids was so excited to come out and they surprised us by doing some of the older McDonald’s characters and added a little Christmas twist to them,” said Hammons.

img_2931“We are so excited about this being our first of many projects for the community. We will do everything we can to bring our kids a happy and friendly place I plan on really trying to hire as many of the high school kids as possible! We care and love our people and have some of the best benefits around,” said Hammons.


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