The following column is an opinion piece by State Senator Josh McKoon. It reflects the views of only the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. 

Simply put, the election of David Shafer as the next Lieutenant Governor represents the best hope to advance issues that matter to conservatives in years.  With a new Governor in the offing, conservatives have opportunities to advance legislation ushering in a new round of campaign ethics reform, religious freedom, constitutional carry, educational choice, and lower taxes to name a few.  I have served with David Shafer for the last eight years in the State Senate.  Even at times where my commitment to conservative causes made me unpopular with some of the Gold Dome power brokers, David never shied away from our shared commitment to moving Georgia in a conservative direction.  It was David Shafer who made sure the ethics reform bill that came out of a House-Senate conference committee had at last a limit on gifts from lobbyists to legislators.  It was David Shafer who insisted on funding to wire Senate committee rooms so that for the first time this year a Georgian doesn’t have to drive to Atlanta to see the legislative process from beginning to end.  David pushed through a constitutional amendment capping our state income tax so future legislatures won’t be able to raise your taxes without a vote of the people.  David was one of the three original signers on my Religious Freedom Restoration Act for Georgia and never wavered in his support.

I could go on and on but on issue after issue that matters to conservatives, David has and will continue to stand with us.  Many people don’t know David’s personal story — that he started life by being born at a home for unwed mothers operated by the Catholic Church in Western Pennsylvania.  He was adopted by a loving couple, learning the value of hard work, faith, and family from an early age.  David excelled in school and graduated from the University of Georgia.  David has been a lifelong Republican, serving in the trenches on behalf of Republican candidates and causes going back to the early 1990s.

I spent five years serving in the state legislature with David’s opponent — who is now talking about ethics reform, term limits, and pay to play reform.  If he didn’t champion those causes while he was representing the people of Forsyth County, why do you think he will be reliable if you entrust him with even more power?  And who has spent the over $2 million on behalf of David’s opponent running one of the most dishonest and nasty smear campaigns I have ever seen?  We don’t know and David’s opponent isn’t talking about it.  We do know if he happened to win he would be in hock to shadowy figures unwilling to be identified.

So why would you give your vote to someone with a so-so record with so many questions about who they will owe favors to once they are elected?  Particularly when you have a conservative rock star like David Shafer to vote for instead?

David Shafer has been honest with me, he has stood with conservatives when it was not advantageous for him to do so, and we know what to expect if we entrust him with the second highest office in our state.  So I hope you will join me tomorrow and proudly cast your ballot for David Shafer to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.

Josh McKoon was a candidate for Secretary of State and has been the Senator serving the 29th District of Georgia since 2011.  He is the original author of ethics reform limiting lobbyist gifts to legislators and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which would guarantee all Georgians the same protection of their right of free exercise as their right of free speech, free press, and free assembly.

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