Picture credit - 13ABC

A South Georgia high school received a mass school shooting threat earlier this week.

The written threat was from a student at Thomasville High School who has since been removed and was also admitted to a South Georgia hospital for a mental evaluation. Once the student is released, he will be required to stay home and await a court date.

At the time of the threat,  Dr. Laine Reichert, Superintendent of Thomasville City Schools, stated that appropriate measures were being taken by school officials and local law enforcement.

School administrators were informed of the letter on Monday and they called local police and had the student removed.

According to a local TV station, WALB, obtained a copy of the letter in which names were redacted of those the student was threating to kill.

The student faces felony charges of terroristic threats and acts. The investigation is ongoing at this time.


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  1. So nice this student wrote a letter to the school with his threats…this tells me he wanted attention. Hope he gets lots of attention!


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