Garden of Eat’n health store in Jesup is hosting a Nutritional Blood Analysis this Thursday, September 15.

The complete blood analysis takes 30 minutes and only requires one drop of blood. Some conditions that will be addressed are poor digestion, vitamin deficiencies, free radical damage, candida overgrowth, various forms of bacteria, parasites, liver/lung/colon toxicity, and weight problems. These conditions can cause your body to be off-balance, resulting in no energy, increased stress, increased weight, and other health issues.

The cost of the test is $50. Seating is limited, so everyone attending must pre-register. A deposit of $10 is required when pre-registering. The remainder will be due the day of the test.

For more information, stop by Garden of Eat’n at 140 SW Broad Street or call 912-588-9696.


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