Georgia public health officials say mosquito-borne viruses killed two people and caused six others to be ill.

Health officials would not tell news organizations where the illnesses and death occurred in those counties of the state at this time.

The Department of Public Health says one death was from Eastern equine encephalitis and the other from West Nile virus, which also made the others ill, according to The Associated Press report.

A Department of Public Health spokesman told the Atlanta news outlets that it’s against department policy to say which counties had cases.

However, reports of mosquito-borne diseases have been identified in 10 counties this summer, all in southern Georgia.

WSB-TV reports that Eastern equine encephalitis is rare, with only a few human cases reported each year nationwide.

The department recommends precautions against mosquitoes such as:

—Staying inside at dusk and dawn;

—Wearing long, loose-fitting clothes;

—Using insect repellant;

—Making sure household screens are intact so mosquitoes cannot get inside;

—And making sure nothing in your yard holds standing water. Experts say even a bottle cap can hold enough water for mosquito larvae.

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