Picture credit - Sherry Hall, 43, Georgia Department of Corrections

A Georgia police officer was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Thursday after fabricating a story that she was shot while on duty which sparked a manhunt causing several people to be wrongfully questioned.

In September 2016, Officer Sherry Hall, 43, of the Jackson, GA Police Department, said a black man wearing a green shirt and black jogging pants, opened fire on her, and she fired back. Hall’s protective vest had a bullet lodged in it, and a shell casing was found in the woods nearby along with two additional casings found near Hall’s police car, according to the Jackson Progress-Argus.

Hall then proceeded to give a detailed interview to a local television station recounting the events of the fabricated gunfight.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called to look into the allegations after they reviewed her in-car camera where only two shots were fired, not three.  Hall did not immediately radio in the incident but instead sent text messages.

While in court, Hall maintained that someone did shoot her. However, her protective vest had a bullet lodged within it, but a forensic pathologist said the bullet did not cause her superficial wound.

Hall was charged with 11 felonies which includes tampering, making false statements and multiple counts of violating her oath as an officer. Hall was also fired from the police department, about three months after she’d joined the police force in Jackson.

Hall was sentenced to 15-years in prison followed by 23 years of probation.



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