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Georgia Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, and GOP candidate for Governor, issued the following response into the NAACP’s call to sandblast Stone Mountain’s carving:

“When I’m governor, we will preserve Stone Mountain as the monument and cultural attraction it was intended to be – one that brings in visitors from around the world. I will work on behalf of all Georgians, but I will also stand up to the extremists who think we have to sandblast the past to move into the future. The Democratic nominee has called for removing the carving from Stone Mountain, and I’m the only Republican in this race who can stop her.”

Controversy arose about the carving being sandblasted off the side of Stone Mountain in 2015. This caused many in the state to start advocating to remove Confederate monuments throughout the state along with opposition saying the monument should remain has part of Georgia’s history.

The National NAACP has never called for the removal of the carving, but the Atlanta Chapter called for its removal. In 2015, the Atlanta NAACP Chapter said the Civil War carving should be removed from Stone Mountain.

In 2015, the Atlanta Chapter President, Richard Rose released the following statement about the carvings removal:

The organization issued a statement calling for the removal of all symbols of the Confederacy from the park. “My tax dollars should not be used to commemorate slavery,” Rose said. Rose said his group wants Confederate symbols removed from all state-owned buildings, parks and lands. Rose told Petersen he would start with Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. “Those guys need to go. They can be sand-blasted off, or somebody could carefully remove a slab of that and auction it off to the highest bidder,” Rose said.

Casey Cagle released the statement on Tuesday amid the neck-and-neck race to win the Georgia Republican Party nomination against Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Cagle is looking to secure the nomination among the base of the party as the July 24 election gets closer.

Democratic Candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams has made her intentions known about the fate of the Stone Mountain carving when if she was to become Georgia’s next Governor.

In 2015, Abrams sent out a message on social media stating that the carving on Stone Mountain “remains a blight on our state and should be removed.”

The winner of Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp will face Abrams in the November 2018 election.

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