Picture credit- Ballotpedia - Congressman Buddy Carter (R-GA-01)

A Georgia congressman’s bill was signed into law last week by the president which attempts to control and combat the national opioid crisis.

The bill empowers the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with more authority to fight the opioid crisis, however, some pain management organizations state the bill has shortcomings as it does not correct all other abuse pertaining to pain treatment.

The most recent data states that 1,349 Georgians died of opioid-related overdoes in 2016.

Some organizations believe the legislation may curtail the number of prescribed opioids, but it will not completely impact and reduce the number of drug overdoses related to opioids.

President Trump signed the bicameral agreement on H.R. 6, the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment (SUPPORT) for Patients and Communities Act into law last Wednesday.

Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter’s (R-GA-01) bill addresses prevention, advancing treatment and recovery initiatives, and improving efforts to fight illicit synthetic drugs such as fentanyl.

Carter’s bill included a package of three bills as part of the national effort to curtail the opioid epidemic. The three bills part of the legislative package include:

Carter is a registered pharmacist in the state of Georgia who also owns a number independent pharmacies for over 30 years.

“I am excited and proud that this package was signed into law today,” said Carter. “While working with members on both sides of the aisle to create these solutions to combat this crisis, I learned from constituents, colleagues, and others that everyone and every community has been impacted by this epidemic in some way. For me, as a pharmacist for more than 30 years, I saw addiction end careers and ruin lives and families. That is what has driven me to work so hard on this legislation to address prescription drug abuse while ensuring those who truly need the medications maintain access to it. It is great news this package is now law, and I am committed to continuing this strong bipartisan work to end this crisis once and for all.” 

The bill was considered a bipartisan bill which combined over 70 bills targeting the nation’s opioid problems. The bill also will subsidize the $35 billion dollar addiction treatment industry and place more guidance among prescriptions related to Medicare prescription drug plans linked to pain management.



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