Candidates for governor Stacey Abrams, left, and Brian Kemp received support from all over the country — including the White House. (The Business Journals)

The National Rifle Association endorsed Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp for governor of Georgia on Friday.

The NRA said the following about their endorsement:

Brian Kemp is an unwavering supporter of our Second Amendment freedoms,” said Chris W. Cox, chairman, National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund . “He is the only candidate running for governor who can be trusted to protect our constitutional right to self-defense.”

Stacey Abrams, Kemp’s Democratic opponent, said she is for the Second Amendment but would like to see stricter gun control laws with stronger universal background checks.

Abrams received an “F” from the NRA. The NRA said that “Abrams supports banning commonly owned firearms as well as criminalizing the private transfer of firearms between lifelong friends and many family members. Also, she supports removing constitutional rights without adequate due process.”

The NRA said that “Kemp has a consistent pro-Second Amendment record, which includes strengthening Georgia’s preemption law and supporting the right of law-abiding gun owners to exercise their constitutional right to carry a firearm in the manner that best suits their needs. He opposes the Bloomberg/Pelosi/Schumer gun control agenda of banning firearms and ammunition.”

The race has become closer according to recent polls.

Abrams received some recognition from the Democratic Socialists of America telling their members, who feel lead to do so, to align with Abrams’ positions for working families.

“We stand with all of these working families who want Stacey Abrams to be the next governor of this state,” said a Metro Atlanta DSA statement.

Kemp states that such support shows Abrams’ extreme positions on policy.

Abrams touts that the race will come down to the leadership she believes Kemp lacks citing issues surrounding Secretary of State’s office, which he leads, in protecting Georgia’s elections.

(Correction: It was written that DSA officially endorsed Abrams, but it has been corrected to include what DSA said with official statement linked in).


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