Former Democratic Candidate for Georgia Governor says she will run again, but for which office?

According to an interview at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA, “What it is I’m going to run for I haven’t decided yet. Stay tuned.”

In the interview, Abrams said she would continue to focus on policy and social justice issues which were a mainstay of her gubernatorial campaign.

“I care about policy, I am driven by a commitment to justice, to ending poverty, to addressing social needs and using public policy as a tool to improve the lives of those around us,” stated Abrams.

Abrams’ campaign apparatus raised over $22 million. Abrams is using her campaign infrastructure to get messages out to Georgians about health care sign-ups with television ads along with other policies she endorses.

Abrams further discussed why she did not concede to Brian Kemp amid the allegations of voter suppression, for which Kemp denies, under his supervision as Georgia’s state election chief.

“It’s about thousands of people who were denied the right to vote,” explained Abrams in the Fortune interview, referring to allegations during the campaign of voter suppression
related to the state’s “exact match” rule.

See the full Fortune interview below –


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