Photo credit Jekyll Island Boat Tour

The Jekyll Island Boat Tours by Captain Phillip and his crew give an awe-inspiring  look into the marine life and coastal ecology along the waterways of Jekyll Island.

All on Georgia-Glynn had the amazing opportunity to join a 90 minute dolphin tour given by Captain Paul and guide Pablo while travelling the scenic waterways of beautiful Jekyll Island.  As the boat left the Jekyll Wharf around 10:00 am we were immediately entertained by the great personalities of our tour guide and captain of this veteran-owned company.

Our first sighting was a group of playful bottlenose dolphin.  As our boat approached these magnificent creatures, our guide, Pablo quickly recognized their playful activity to actually be a mating dance.

As he educated the guests about this rare occurrence to observe this behavior, they graciously accommodated the dolphins by playing some romance music by Marvin Gay. According to Pablo, “We only get to see this about every three months.”

Pablo also explained about the social and mating behaviors of these dolphins.  Each female dolphin searches out a nanny that will accompany her throughout her pregnancy and birth.  The nanny’s job is to make sure the pregnant female’s blowhole remains above water while giving birth.

Photo Credit Captain Phillips Boat tour

Guests learned that whenever you see a pod of dolphin with a baby swimming alongside, it is the mother and nanny that are together.  Once the male dolphin mates with the female, he will then move on to a new pod.

Photo credit Captain Phillip Boat Tour

Jekyll Island is amongst the premier locations for one of the largest populations of bottlenose dolphin in the world.  Along this tour, guests will also learned about their feeding behaviors, how they hear through echolocation and their natural habitat.

The tour continued by taking the guests through the salt marshes and coastal waterways while being educated on the coastal ecology.  Other marine life that is usually seen are manatees, sea turtles, alligators, egrets, herons, roseate spoonbills and osprey.

As the boat meandered on, we passed luxury yachts and shrimp boats, the magnificent Jekyll Island Club Resort and kayakers hunting for treasures on shark tooth beach.  As we approached a more remote beach area, we saw yellow caution tape that indicated a sea turtle nest was being protected. We learned that this year staff and volunteers from the Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Center found 80 loggerhead sea turtle nests along the coastline.

Jekyll Island is filled with rich culture, history, ecology and adventure.  Learning about this beautiful coastline along the Golden Isles from one of their Coast Guard certified boats is an awesome way to spend the day.

Whether you are looking for a educational and entertaining dolphin tour, sunset cruise, fishing, kayaking or a cruise for a special event, Captain Phillip and Jekyll Island Boat Tours has it all!

For more information on visit their website here.

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