At the entrance to the St. Simons Pier sits a lady under a shade umbrella. She is surrounded by her painting supplies and her fur baby, Muffin. Ms. Peggy Buchan is a staple at the Pier Village community most days, painting well-known island landmarks by both memory and sight.

In addition to beach and marsh scenes, Ms. Peggy paints a variety of island-specific locations. The lighthouse and Christ Church are two popular destinations.

I caught up with the sweet artist last week, and left with a freshly painted beach scene on canvas. Her work speaks for itself, and many visitors to the island take home a canvas she has for sale. Locals and repeat customers know that specialty sizes and location requests can be made to Ms. Buchan, and she will do her best to create a perfect painting.

Every artist has a signature, and Ms. Peggy is no different. In years past, she would always include a cork in her signature on pictures painted of marshes only. She and her late husband enjoyed fishing, and she explained how the creek looked empty without her cork.

That changed in 1992, when Ms. Peggy was featured in a magazine article; A statement within that article has prompted a unique signature within all her paintings.

When customers read the comment pertaining to her signature on marsh-themed paintings, “That’s how you can tell it’s a real Peggy Buchan painting,” they started bringing their painting back to her for the addition. So now she signs all paintings with a fishing line.

While the pier seems to be her favorite place to paint, she can be found occasionally on the grounds of the Christ Church as well as aboard a local shrimping boat, The Lady Jane.

Whether visiting the pier for the first time, or as a seasoned regular, be sure to stop by and say hello to Ms. Peggy. Browse her inventory of freshly-painted prints and consider taking home a bit of the island with you.


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  1. A beautiful lady that has a God-given gift which shows in all of her paintings! Muffin is always near to give her seal of approval!

  2. I just found this beautiful painting in a thrift store in Crown Point Indiana, that had Peggy Buchans business card on the back. I googled her to find out about this awesome painting of a lighthouse.I feel very fortunate to have found it & am going to put it in an appropriate frame. Peggy is a very talented artist. I wish I would have bought it from her in Florida!


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