Scheduled for this fall, The Coastal Georgia Historical Society will provide a unique and locally-based historical museum that highlights World War ll. The island’s historical society chose Gallagher & Associates as the designers, and they are on board to develop innovative, interactive experiences that will educate and engage visitors. The chosen design company held the lead on the National World War ll Museum in New Orleans.

The project is aimed to celebrate the national spirit and common sense of duty that connects all Americans. The mission of this new museum is to display the industrious and innovative levels the Coastal Georgia community offered during the war.

The Coastal Georgia Historical Society released a press release that shared the reason for the new museum: to honor the efforts of Coastal Georgia. It will tell the story of bold initiatives that protected the coast from German submarines, trained fighter pilots in the latest technology and built Liberty Ships. It will also honor the local men and women who worked diligently at home to help support those on the battlefield by documenting and displaying their personal stories.

Sherri Jones, Executive Director at Coastal Georgia Historical Society, shared:

‘This project will touch our community in so many ways: emotionally, aesthetically and culturally. In addition to documenting and preserving the Coastal Georgia home front story during WW ll, we will realize the potential of a beloved historic landmark while providing a memorable cultural and educational experience that families can enjoy together.’

The museum will also upgrade the Historic Coast Guard Station on East Beach.


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