Students at College of Coastal Georgia were challenged in their class to make a difference. The future nurses in the Senior Community and Public Health Class wanted to do something with the local high school and came up with the idea of helping needy teens who cannot afford to go to prom attend to complete their Service Learning Project.

They tied it into the goals of their project by creating a lesson plan the first time the nursing students meet with the girls to teach them about safe sex, alcohol awareness, and positive self image.

The CCGA BSN Senior Nursing students are looking for donated dresses, shoes, jewelry, perfume, hair products; everything that it takes to make the one night memorable because “every girl deserves to go to prom.”

For more information and to donate items please contact Erica Gillespie at 817-706-8425 or Tiffany Gualandi at 912-409-0195.

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