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This article is a series that will be highlighting the challenges in serving the homeless in the community of Glynn County. 

It all started with a drive through a trailer park and a car ride taking two strangers home..

“Once strangers, now partners and friends, we are on a mission to change the way people see those that are less fortunate, those left alone and overlooked.” ~ Saved by Grace Founders

All on Georgia-Glynn sat down with Saved by Grace founders, Maria and Donna and interviewed them about the mission of their non-profit.

Here is the original interview.

Upon learning about the number of families that live in the motels in our own backyard, we felt it was important to follow up with the stories of these individuals and families and help address the need here in our county.  Donna and Maria will regularly provide updates to All on Georgia Glynn to educate the public about the homeless population and bring awareness to their work. This is a social issue that affects our whole community.

As Maria and Donna have weekly experiences serving the homeless in the motels, their project has grown into what they call the “Grace Project”.  They provide food, clothes, bedding, school supplies or whatever is needed by the individuals or families they encounter in the motels.  They will also assist with job searches and helping prepare individuals for job interviews while also searching and coordinating various resources in the community to help with assistance.

Here is the update from Maria and Donna:

Compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

“Thursday night, Maria & I visited one of our homeless friends in the hospital. When we walked in we almost didn’t recognize him. He was not dirty. He was not in torn up clothes. His hair was not a mess. He was, in fact, very well taken care of. His hair was wet from his recent bath. His skin was clean. His hospital gown was even cute :-). His beard had been shaved.

Looking at him, you see a person in the hospital. So many times these people get overlooked & spat upon just because of appearance. This man, Mr. “F”, had such a look of loneliness in his eyes. As I sat by his bed, I wondered what he must be thinking… Had he been visited by anyone else? His family doesn’t have anything to do with him so we know they haven’t been there to chat or hang out.

What I immediately saw though, was the compassion of the staff of the hospital. His nurse, Tina, was great with him, so kind & patient. We all have a longing to be seen, to be heard & to be looked in the eyes. This afternoon, “F” wasn’t seen or treated as a homeless man, he was treated like everyone else on that floor. He was treated with compassion. He was treated with dignity. He was treated like he has a name. He was treated like he sleeps in a bed, not in a tent or on the sidewalk. Today, Mr. “F” was treated like a human being & for that, we are so thankful.

We strive every single day to show love & compassion to everyone we meet & at the end of the day we hope people see we are trying our best & giving 100%. We are only #TwoGirlsOnAMission & strive to #RestoreHope to everyone we meet. We walked away from the hospital knowing our friend was in good hands.” ~Donna

“Compassion is an action word with no boundaries” – Prince

#PracticeCompassion #SavedByGrace #RestoringHopeOneLifeAtATime#IHaveANameProject #HomelessNotHopeless


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