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This article is a series that will be highlighting the challenges in serving the homeless in the community of Glynn County. 

It all started with a drive through a trailer park and a car ride taking two strangers home..

“Once strangers, now partners and friends, we are on a mission to change the way people see those that are less fortunate, those left alone and overlooked.” ~ Saved by Grace Founders

All on Georgia-Glynn sat down with Saved by Grace founders, Maria and Donna and interviewed them about their mission.

Here is the original interview.

Upon learning about the number of families that live in the motels in our own backyard, we felt it was important to follow up with the stories of these individuals and families and help address the need here in our county.  Donna and Maria will regularly provide updates to All on Georgia Glynn to educate the public about the homeless population and bring awareness to their work. This is a social issue that affects our whole community.

Here is June 2nd’s update.

Here is Mr. “W”‘s update from June 8th.

Photo credit Saved by Grace Glynn


Award Well Deserved

This past month, the tireless work of Saved by Grace- Glynn was recognized in the community as they received the “Kingdom Service Award” from Apostle Dr. Daniel T. Hines & the City of Refuge Mission Family Worship Center.

The founders, Maria and Donna showed their appreciation on their Facebook page.  “We were so honored to be a recipient of the “Kingdom Service Award”!!!! Thank you to Apostle Dr. Daniel T. Hines & the City of Refuge Mission Family Worship Center. Wow is all we can say. We love every single day of what we do & we couldn’t do it without the prayers & constant support. Thank you. We look forward to our new partnership with y’all!!!”

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Homeless Update:  “Lost & alone, no one to call on”

Ms. “S” contacted Saved By Grace. That night we found more than a young mom with a need, we found a young mom with 4 kids, struggling to survive…

When we pulled up to this run down brick motel, not only did we see “S” sitting next to the door, but we also saw 4 of the most beautiful and well-mannered kids. As most kids do, they wanted to interact with us & get to know us. As we sat on the sidewalk talking to mom, the kids would peek outside to see what was going on. The youngest of the four kids, 4-yr old “Ms. M” wanted to play ball with us. Imagine living in a motel room, not having anywhere to play. The only outside you have is the parking lot that backs up to the busy street.

After that night we followed up with her & made sure they were doing ok. We went by the motel room at least once a week to see “S” & the kids. One particular day we went by to check on them & the little girl wanted to be held the whole time we were there. She was craving attention and obviously did not receive it often. While she was being held, she put her head on my shoulder & sucked her thumb, all the while stroking my hair. Each time I would put her down, she would put her arms in the air and ask to be picked up, begging for love & attention. It broke my heart.

Photo Credit Saved by Grace Glynn

These little kids are so precious, so innocent, yet in some ways they have experienced more than most kids their age. Kids should not have to grow up in the uncertainty of what is next, yet we have so many that live that life everyday. When will I eat again? Will we move to yet another motel? Will I have to wear those same clothes to school again? These are just a few of the struggles of motel living for kids. The list goes on & on.

The mom has two jobs, but struggles with childcare. She doesn’t want to leave them with some random neighbor at the motel. The amount of stress she faces in a day is so overwhelming she cannot sleep. She is literally surviving minute-by-minute & it is exhausting.

We met a new friend that night, a friend that has 4 amazing kids that run up to us when we come into the parking lot. When we leave they say “I love you, Saved By Grace”. We look forward to our visits with them, they brighten our day & confirm we are exactly where we need to be, serving those living in our local motels,  “Restoring Hope, One Life At A Time”. ~Saved by Grace-Glynn

#Restorehopeonelifeatatime  #onemotelatatime

For more information on Saved By Grace Glynn, visit their website at or you can find them on Facebook “Saved By Grace Glynn”.  You can also email at  By phone – Donna Howard – 912-266-3459 or Maria Gamble 912-399-4724.

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