Sunday, May 27, 2018, in Pascagoula, Miss. Lenning and his family missed fishing on Saturday because of the weather advisories regarding the approach of Subtropical Storm Alberto. With the storm turning north-northwestward, Elijah finally got his chance to fish, but said he got no bites in the hours spent fishing the Pascagoula Bay. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Whether you are an avid angler or are looking for recreational fishing opportunities, the Golden Isles coastal environment provides the rich habitat for your fishing passions and pleasures.

A variety of the habitats to include saltwater marshland, fresh water, deep sea and brackish inlets offer an amazing opportunity to fish all kinds of species.  Are you looking for  King Tarpon, redfish, Spanish mackerel, trout, cobia, tripletail, or jack crevalle?  How about shrimp or giant blue crabs?  The waters of the Golden Isles have it all.

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The Golden Isles offers beautiful marinas, piers, marshlands and estuaries, if you are looking for recreational fishing, here is a list of the many places throughout the Golden Isles where fishing is permitted.

St. Simons Island Pier

St. Simons Island Pier is a popular spot among locals for fishing and crabbing. There are several cleaning stations on the pier, and a nearby bait and tackle shop offers both advice and supplies.


Great for fishing and crabbing, Jekyll Island Pier is located next to Clam Creek Picnic Area, a family-friendly area for visitors and locals to relax.


On St. Simons Island at the eastern end of Torras Causeway, the pier at Gascoigne Bluff is popular for fishing and crabbing. The area is home to annual fishing tournaments as well.

Due to our changing weather patterns and various bodies of waters, there are always new updates to the fishing industry.  Before heading out, you can view up-to-date information about area freshwater and saltwater fishing in Georgia as well as any regulations on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website.

According to the Georgia fishing regulations from Coastal Georgia DNR, there is no closed season for fishing in freshwater in Georgia except for the following:
  • Trout Seasons: All designated trout waters are now open year round.
  • Flint, Chattahoochee and Spring Creeks: The Flint River and its tributaries from the Georgia Power Co. dams at Albany to the US Hwy 84 bridge; the Chattahoochee River and its tributaries from the Columbia Lock and Dam to the GA Hwy 91 bridge; and Spring Creek and its tributaries downstream to GA Hwy 253 are CLOSED to striped bass fishing and spear fishing from May 1–October 31 each year.
  • Lakes Seminole: All fishing, including spear fishing, for any species in the marked areas around five fish refuges in Lake Seminole is prohibited from May 1–October 31 each year.
  • Coosa River: The season for taking lake sturgeon from the Coosa River and its tributaries is CLOSED. See www.gofishgeorgia.comfor more information on this closure and how to identify this fish.
  • Noodling or Grabbling: The season is open March 1–July 15 statewide in freshwater.

In addition to the state rules, there might be different rules in federal waters (3 to 200 miles offshore). You can visit the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council website for the latest federal fishing regulations if you plan to fish more than 3 miles offshore.

If you are interested in shrimping, here is an update from the shrimping industry.  In January, Georgia closed its state waters to all fishing for white, brown and pink shrimp.  This was due to the winter weather prolonging the warmer waters off of the coast to provide a healthy environment for the species and to protect the white shrimp spawning population.  With the water temperature being at or below 9 degrees Celsius in the region, the shrimping population was in danger.

As of May, according to the South Atlantic Fishery Bulletin, Frank Helies in charge of Sustainable Fisheries for NOAA announced that the Federal waters would be open to all fishing for White, Brown, and Pink Shrimp off Georgia while the Georgia state waters remain closed until the state determines an appropriate time.

It was only after Gerogia DNR and state fisheries officials determined that warming water temperatures and the threat to overwintering shrimp had passed that NOAA opened federal waters to trawling.  Helies said” Georgia officials will continue to monitor the white shrimp population for the purposes of determining when it is appropriate to allow shrimp fishing to resume in state waters.”

Avid anglers can get a plethora of information from these resources.  In addition, fisherman can get text alerts and even download an app that will alert them to local regulations and changes to their fishing region.

For additional information on fishing along coastal Georgia, please visit

We also have many great Sea Captains around the Golden Isles who will take you on exciting fishing excursions.  Happy fishing!



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