With many hunting seasons across the U.S beginning to open up, PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released an anti-hunting Facebook filter. The filter reads: “Shoot Selfies | NOT Animals | PETA |” with a deer logo. The idea was to help raise awareness for their organization and specifically their anti-hunting stance, however, the move did not go unnoticed and hunters across the internet immediately began using the filter to post photos of their kills.

Here are a few


     Searching the hashtag #peta on various social media sites will bring up more photos with some generating hundreds of comments. One young huntress even discusses the death threats and cyber-bullying she has witnessed at the hands of animal rights extremists.

     Not all hunters embraced the trolling of PETA. James Harrison Nixon – the president of the West Georgia chapter of the Georgia Hunting and fishing federation had this to say regarding the filters- “We must start looking at the millennial generation and understand that if we want to pass on hunting and fishing we have to show and teach them the actual facts. We must teach them that hunters provide more money and are responsible for more conservation efforts than any animal rights organization especially PETA. PETA’s name includes the phrase ethical treatment of animals and that phrase will stay in their mind and this pseudo “I’m going to save the world” generation will stick to it. For that reason I have mixed feelings on these pics. On one hand they are funny, on the other I believe they could hurt relations between non-hunters and hunters. I don’t care about PETA, but some may see this as a direct mockery and that could give a bad image of hunters.”

     So what are your thoughts? Are they offensive or did the hunting community troll PETA in an epic manner that non-hunters shouldn’t find offensive?


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