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As children throughout the county are getting ready to hit the streets on Halloween night, parents can rest assured that they won’t be out watching over their children alone.  Local law enforcement agencies have joined together to provide a safer environment so families can partake in Halloween activities with less worry.

The Brunswick Police Department, The Glynn County Sheriff’s Office, The Glynn County Police Department, and the Department of Community Supervision are teaming up to be sure that those registered sex offenders that are on probation but are not incarcerated will be reporting to the daily reporting center from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Halloween night at the corner of Union Street and Monck Street.

Deputies will also be checking on registered sex offenders at their homes and have additional deputies riding through neighborhoods during the hours that trick or treating will take place.

There are a total of 192 sex offenders in Glynn county and only 53 are incarcerated.  Authorities would like parents to check the sex offenders locations so they know where they live. They can look up their addresses at this website: www.glynncountysheriff.org.

Another tool is Family Watchdog.  It is a free website that will show you a map of where the offenders live.

Local law enforcement are also advising that parents stay with their children and do not allow them to go out alone.

Some other safety tips are:

  • Use flashlights and make sure you are visible
  • Only go to houses with exterior lights on
  • Do not go to houses after 9:00pm
  • Try to go to organized events and festivals

Keeping Halloween night a fun tradition for families and neighbors is a top priority for Glynn County.  Keeping the children safe from predators is at the top of the list.  For more information on this issue please see this previous article from All on Georgia.




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