A new study by The Camden Partnership, and prepared by Georgia Southern University’s Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development(BBRED) at Georgia Southern University, found that the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay (SUBASE) has an overall economic impact of $1.142 Billion.

This study also finds the SUBASE installation Camden County’s largest enterprise. In addition, the SUBASE is one of the biggest economic engines in South Georgia. The study states that the $1.142 billion dollar figure comes from two categories: direct spending by the SUBASE ($855 million) and spending by other sectors driven by the SUBASE ($287 million). According to the study, ” local purchases made by contractors, military, and nonmilitary personnel, $796 million adds directly to the local Gross Regional Product (GRP).”
The joint study states that 5 in every 10 jobs is government related. Manufacturing, retail trade, and healthcare altogether make up about 10% of the local market. According to the study, 9,000 jobs in the county are related to the military while local residents hold 6,600 of those related jobs. The other 2,300 workers categorized as “daily commuters’’, coming into the county from three major areas; Nassau County (32%), Duval County (26%), and Charlton County (18%). The spending influenced from these 9,000 military-related jobs is a major part of the indirect impact of $458 million.

Read the entire study HERE

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